House on trailer blocks intersection, strikes bridge

Police in Virginia pulled over a vehicle hauling a house on a trailer after the vehicle ran into trouble, including becoming stuck in an intersection and hitting a bridge.

Witnesses said the house-hauler attempted to merge onto Interstate 95 from Broad Street in Richmond on Tuesday evening, but ended up blocking four lanes of traffic and getting a tree branch stuck on the house roof.

Virginia State Police said the house appeared on Virginia Department of Transportation traffic cameras after making it onto I-95, and officials noticed the plastic wrapping around the home had come loose and was being dragged behind the trailer.

Troopers pulled the vehicle over a short time later after the roof of the house came into contact with a bridge. They said the bridge did not appear to be damaged.

The driver, who was not injured, will be charged with a vehicle height violation, police said.

Another house moving mishap made headlines in April when police in Labette County, Kan., found a mobile home abandoned in the middle of a gravel road.

Authorities said they later learned the house had been left behind due to trouble with several of the vehicles’ tires. It was retrieved by its owner and continued its journey to Oklahoma.